It has been almost 20 years since the Danish company Furlerboom is in the market, always striving to be better and to keep up with the new technologies. In this article, we describe the two main types of Furlerboom booms together with an explanation of the main improvements that have been done in the past year. So, stay with us and keep reading.

Main Furler System – O-Shape

The Furlerboom O-Shape boom is the Furlerboom standard boom, the one that has been in the market for quite a long time and the one that has been studied the most to satisfy all the yachts’ owners. The standard system is manually driven by an endless line operated by a powered winch located in the cockpit, or by an electrically driven system managed by an electronic unit and pushbuttons positioned at the helm station. Furlerbooms are fabricated by vacuum infusion in GRP composite in a one-piece construction and can be ordered in full carbon as well. The mandrel around which the mainsail is furled is always in full carbon. This means a high strength to low weight ratio.

Main Furler System – V-Shape

The V-shaped furling system, besides having a more rigid structure compared to the O-Shape boom, is built with specially produced pomp wheels, which give the system a firm grip on the furling drive inside the boom. It adds a much safer furling and fewer wears on the line.

News from the last year

Furlerboom is always striving for perfection when it comes to its products and, at the same time, wants to satisfy all the owners’ expectations that choose to install a Furlerboom on their sailing boat. That is precisely why the Danish company has developed a series of improvements during 2021 to make the booms even more efficient.

Besides introducing the new pomp wheels for the V-Shape Furling Systems, Furlerboom has also conducted a structural analysis of these ones, through an inspection of the final elements (FEM) for both the carbon fiber booms as well as the fiberglass booms. Thanks to this procedure, there is an optimal ratio between resistance and weight.

In connection to the FEM analysis, torsion tests have also been performed. This ensures that the strength of our V-boom is correct without compromising the weight of the boom.

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