Project Description



Jefa Marine produces a wide range of rudder blades. This unique product series offers the shipyard a modern rudder without investing in expensive moulds.
The rudders are built in the Jefa factory and are available in seven standard sizes depending on the size of the boat.
New moulds are also made to customer drawings to create custom rudder blades.
Jefa drawbar blades are manufactured in the Jefa factory from billet aluminium moulds.
The production process uses the most modern technologies to obtain an innovative product, characterized by: high rigidity, high strength and durability.
Tailor-made moulds can be made for a specific design of the rudder blade.

Race Line:

  1. RUD 28R
  2. RUD 30R
  3. RUD 31R
  4. RUD 32R
  5. RUD 33R
  6. RUD 35R
  7. RUD 36R
  8. RUD 39R
  9. RUD 44R
  10. RUD 45R
  11. RUD 48R

Cruise Line:

  1. RUD 26
  2. RUD 29
  3. RUD 30
  4. RUD 31
  5. RUD 32
  6. RUD 33
  7. RUD 34
  8. RUD 35
  9. RUD 36
  10. RUD 40
  11. RUD 46
  12. RUD 55
  13. RUD 70

Catamaran Line:

  1. RUDCAT 45
  2. RUDCAT 50
  3. RUDCAT 55

Modifications to standard blades

Jefa gives the possibility to modify its blades working directly on the mould, applying inserts that change the shapes of the original mould.