Project Description

Stainless steel wheels, polished or covered with leather.

Jefa stainless steel wheels have an outer ring diameter of 25 mm instead of 22 for better grip, are mirror-polished and no welding is visible from the outside.
Wheels up to 1400 mm in diameter have a hub that fits the 25mm cone, while wheels up to 1500 mm have a hub that fits the 30mm cone.

Aluminium wheels covered in leather.

Jefa aluminium wheels are made of 6082 aluminium without any welding.
The fine powder enamelled finish can be black or white. The outer ring is always covered in leather.

GRP wheels, painted white or black.

The Jefa glass resin wheels are light and sturdy and represent a valid alternative to metal with a more affordable price compared to carbon. They are made under vacuum with a light foam core in numerically controlled aluminium moulds.
The GRP Jefa wheels are characterized by an outer ring with oval section 32 x 36 that improves the handle, all the wheels in this line can be finished with 2-component paint black or white.

 Carbon wheels

Jefa carbon wheels are made in one piece on a female mould. This technique allows to obtain an incomparable weight/resistance ratio and an excellent visible carbon finish.

Jefa rudder wheels teak-covered

Jefa’s Teak-covered drawbar wheels are equipped with 316 stainless steel spokes and hubs and the range covers diameters from 700 to 1,000mm. The teak cover is treated with two-component polyurethane paint.
The hub is made up of a single body and the spokes are assembled with no welding visible on the outside.
Both single and double spoke wheels are available.

Covers for drawbar wheels and quick release nut

The protective covers are made of fabric resistant to the sun and water. Available in black.

The quick release nut is very comfortable when the wheel blocks the passage in the cockpit. It replaces the standard nut and can be operated with a normal winch handle, so the wheel can be easily removed when not in use.