Project Description

We provide an ordinary maintenance service that can be carried out with the boat in the water.
The whole rudder system is checked. Every component is adjusted lubricated and of course replaced if they show a degree of wear that may compromise the safety of navigation.
Thanks to the collaboration with “JEFA”, one of the best companies in this field, we can replace and modify in a short time all the components which form the system, from the simplest tiller to the most complex with pulleys and brakes,
from the rudder wheel to the sector.

Very often it can happen that the rudder axles begin to become harder and harder until they lock completely, the reasons may be different and depend on the materials, the degree of maintenance and wear.
Thanks to “JEFA” spare parts and many years of experience in the sector, we can easily replace the upper and lower bushings of the rudder shaft and restore where possible the aluminium seats fixed
to the hull until the complete replacement where necessary. This kind of intervention requires the boat to be dry.

There are many reasons why a rudder can break, from the most obvious impact to an undersized structure, but the most hidden and unexpected is the galvanic current that slowly and silently cuts the rudder shafts.
We analyze the state of the rudders and as far as it is still possible we isolate the problem by recovering the shaft and the blade. Where the rudder is no longer recoverable due to impact
or shaft excessively damaged by corrosion, we supply “JEFA” rudder blades complete with shaft in various modifiable models or custom blades. We also make modifications and repairs to the rudder blades.