Summer has arrived and the majority of sailboat owners should have their sailing boats ready for their Summer vacation. However, there are still many of them who keep asking themselves questions about whether to install the furling job.

What is the furling jib?

The furling jib (or jib reel) is a drum-like tool for furling the jib or genoa on the forestay. Turning on itself, it allows to easily fold the sail. It is equipment that has been revolutionizing the cruising world but, when one uses the sailing boat both for races and cruises, it becomes harder to define if the furling jib should be useful or not.

Many people decided to install a specific furling jib that comes to be helpful for the mere holiday’s purpose. This way, it can be removed during races.

One thing is clear: for those who sail alone, the furling jib consists of great advantage; in this case, you can adjust the genoa or the jib directly from the cockpit, without leaving anything. On the other hand, it is necessary when the jib should be changed frequently.

The advantages of the furling jib

The advantages of having a furling jib on your sailing boat are quite easier to be recognized. For example, if you have 3 jibs on board, instead of changing the sail every time, you will only have to haul a rope. This system also decreases the exposed surface area.

It leads to safer and more efficient sailing, especially for those who sail alone. To sum up, the jib fuller’s advantages are not minor.

The disadvantages of the furling jib

Although it might seem impossible to think that there are disadvantages, even the furling jib has some. The majority of them consist in their limits.

Firstly, it can be blocked: the block is kind of manageable when it is about a small rope that’s stuck in the drum. However, when the block happens in the top part of the forestay, it is harder to manage it. If this happens when you are sailing, you should avoid going to the masthead. You should release the main from the sheets and quickly roll it by hand.

Last but not least, for those who prefer sailing races, the furling jib is just more kilos that are carried on board, especially on small sailing boats.