Here we are: the long-awaited vacations have finally arrived and you cannot wait to leave for your planned trip. You decided to go on a sailing vacation with your friends and family this year. You cannot wait for it but, at the same time, you are also worried about how hard it can be to spend plenty of time in such a tiny space with all those people.

Therefore, we decided to list suggestions you should consider before going on a sailing boat trip with your friends.

Personal space

The “space problem” is one of the most common and it is defined by three parameters:

  • Sailing boat dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Toilets

When taking into consideration the sailing boat dimensions, it is crucial to make sure that everyone has their own space to relax and move freely. If the sailing boat results too tiny for your group, it can deal with a negative experience of the vacation for everyone.

Next, there is the boat capacity. Even if the sailing boat might seem big enough, you should always check on its capacity, which means the number of people that fit in during the night. In other words, it is the number of available beds on board.

Last but not least, sharing only one bathroom among the whole group might turn into a problem. It is therefore advisable, when possible, to gather with your friends and decide how many bathrooms you need.


It is crucial to get to know everyone’s needs but it is even more important to understand the group’s priorities. Some questions that can help us understand if we are all on the same page are: what do we want to do? What do we want to see? What is the main aim of our vacation? Relaxing, fishing, connecting with nature? Or are we more into water sports, snorkeling, and adventure?

For example, if the group’s main priority is to relax, spending the majority of the nights at the anchor might be a perfect idea. On the other hand, if we are looking for fun and nightlife, we will then decide to moor closer to places where there are restaurants, bars, and pubs. Lastly, if our crew loves sports, we will certainly do more sailing navigations and, if we are passionate about it, we will also bring sups, kite surfs, kite foils, etc.

Budget and galley

Although it seems obvious, it Is super important to have a clear idea about the vacation’s budget because it inevitably implies the meals’ management as well as the galley. For many of us, it is our one and only holiday within a year and we might feel a bit lazy about cooking. If this is the case and our group agrees with us, we will go out for dinner plenty of nights.

It is a bit different when we struggle to do something like cooking because of seasickness. It especially happens when we are not used to the sailing boat environment where, due to the constant waves, might seem a bit complicated to go inside. If you suffer from it, you should always avoid having an empty stomach and, on the contrary, refill it with something solid such as bread and crackers. You should also avoid liquids such as milk and yogurts.

Well, if you believe it or not, in our opinion, there is nothing more relaxing than spending the nights at the anchor and having dinner under a sky full of stars while you are on your sailing boat.

What about you? Where are you going for this Summer vacation?