Project Description

The textile snap-hooks represent the best compromise between lightness, strength and safety without affecting the comfort of use.

After considering the many advantages of this product we have developed a line of Dyneema snap-hooks of different lengths and thicknesses made with Gottifredi Maffioli’s materials.


How does it work?

Dyneema snap-hooks are stropes with an eye at the end that chokes a particular knot on the other end,
a chimney eases the opening of the eye to facilitate the use of the snap-hook while a Velcro tape ensures that the snap-hook is not lost.

Where to use them?

Our snap-hooks are popular for both racing and cruising, and can be used in a variety of functions (many more than the classic steel snap-hooks).
The most common use of the Dyneema snap-hooks remains the attachment of the lines to the sails, but it can also serve as an attachment for blocks or deck equipment.
Its ease of transport and lightness allow you to always have one at hand for safety reasons.