Project Description


In addition to the supply of Jefa wheels already coated, Sail Service has a service of leather coating, for wheels of all brands and sizes, with products designed to last in time to the long exposure to the sun, wind and rain.
Thanks to Jefa products we give the chance to the most “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts to buy kits for easy covering of the rudder wheel.

Thanks to our leather covering products you can easily cover your steering wheel without having to rely on professionals!
We offer complete kits to facilitate the covering of all diameters wheels by using tubular of 25mm or 22mm.
Our BASIC KIT is composed of strips of leather of different lengths already drilled on the sides, waxed thread for seams and double-sided tape for easy assembly.
For those who need a little help, there is the EASY KIT, a ring made of strips of leather already sewn together ready to be placed on the wheel!
The kits are available for wheels with 25 mm and 22 mm tubes, the kit for the latter will be completed by a sticky strip that increases its thickness.
By clicking on the link below you can download the illustrated sheet, that will help you in choosing the most suitable cover kit and will guide you through the fundamental steps for a good result!



The new protective covers are available in black elasticized padded fabric, for wheels diameter 900, 1000 and 1100mm.


The quick release nut is really convenient when the wheel blocks the passage into the cockpit. It replaces the standard nut and can be operated with a normal winch handle, so the wheel can be easily removed when not in use.