Main furling system: say yes to comfort and reduce stress

Why should you take advantage of the winter break to make your sailboat way more comfortable for your next family cruise? Here we look at 5 reasons why the main furling system might be an interesting tool for Summer 2021. There can be even more (or less) reason to install it; it all depends on one’s needs.

  1. The same story of the furling. The main furling system is already quite popular, but when it first appeared, many sailors were not so keen on its use, leading to the same reaction that most ones had with the appearance of the furling. At the end of the day, the furling started to be installed in every boat, even in the ones more demanding. This is the case of those that use it especially when they go on a cruise during Summer and replace it when they go back to racing. If the furling made it, why the main furling system cannot?
  2. Not every day is a sailing race. If you are either a professional sailor or not, you certainly like being brought by the wind, without constantly checking the speed movements. It means that you also like to enjoy some relaxation when sailing and that the main furling system might be the perfect fit for you.
  3. No movement. If your boat has a furling, together with the main furling system, you can do all the maneuvers without leaving the cockpit. It makes sailing more accessible to anyone, even to those that do not have an athlete body or those that have already celebrated many birthdays. In addition, not leaving the cockpit with hard weather conditions, is an advantage.
  4. The new main furling system does not jam. The new main furling system adapts to eventual emergencies such as the mainsail being caught during maneuvers. It happens quite often when one sail regularly.
  5. Sailing means freedom. Who has to adopt as their mottos, normally do not want to be classified as some kind of stereotype. Therefore, if you have a main furling system or not, the most important thing is sailing.

All right, you read until here so maybe it means that we have convinced you about the main furling system comfort. Does it mean that you want to know more about it? Sail Service is the official Italian reseller of the Furlerboom in-boom mainsail furling system. Furlerboom is a Danish company that is committed to making sailing safer and more comfortable since 1998. Its in-boom mainsail furling system is fabricated by vacuum infusion in GRP composite in a one-piece construction and can be ordered in full carbon as well: it is a lighter solution that enables to get a tapering shape. The rail on the FurlerBoom mast is flexible in the first 4m and can be tracked by the boom so you can furl the mainsail with an apparent wind angle of up to 80°.

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