It has been more than a year since we started experiencing the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Particularly, traveling is now harder than ever. However, it seems that the impossibility of traveling has led to a greater interest in the purchase of sailing boats. Why is this happening?

First of all, as tourism has kind of been stopped, there has been an increase of those who have an income to buy a boat. In some shipyards, the demand is twice the offer: money that has been saved from holidays is now invested in a good to take shelter. In addition, a sociological factor plays an important role: for future vacations, people want to keep their distance from strangers and spend time with their families instead. Thus, they want to stay on islands or in open water.

2021 trends

The third edition of Monitor, the statistical report realized by the Studies Office of Confindustria Nautica with the collaboration of Fondazione Edison and Assilea and the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, reports that the boat industry companies seem to more positive compared to 2020.


Source: Statistical survey made by Ufficio Studi Confindustria Nautica – December 2020

On the vessels’ side, two companies out of three announced a growth compared to the previous year. Only 7% of the sample declares to expect a possible contraction. For the accessories/motors segment, 41% of the respondents have stated growth, and 49% wait for stability. Even the boating-related tourism speaks of a positive distribution compared to 2020: 44% states growth, 50% states stability for services and marina, whilst 50% states growth and 26% stability in the charter sector. It is important to note that these data, especially the charter ones, refer to the worst season of the last 20 years and even a growth forecast will not correspond to a return as equal as the one before the pandemic.

Source: Statistical survey made by Ufficio Studi Confindustria Nautica – December 2020


At this time and age, it seems then that investing in a sailing boat might a great option. On the other hand, there has been a great expansion of a new kind of tourism that is now more conscious, sustainable, and experiencing. Does it reflect this “new generation” trend of boating holiday lovers?

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