On October 13th, we celebrate International Day against natural disaster risks. There are many reasons why they are caused: it can be for something strictly related to nature or, as it often happens, for wrong humans behaviors. Consequently, seasons are all the same from one to another and global warming is sharply increasing.

In this article, we will discuss what can be done by the sailing boat owners to prevent or at least reduce pollution. It should be noted that the pollution levels are different from a superyacht rather than a motor yacht rather than a drift boat.

Therefore, what a sailor can do to reduce at its minimum the environmental impact?

  • Sail whenever it is possible: it is undoubtedly known that sailing rather than using the motor alone, is one of the first steps to reduce pollution. On the other hand, when it is not possible to use the mast alone, you should opt for the mast and the motor together to minimize waste.
  • Solar panels: having installed a solar panel, even a small one, can help to reduce motor addiction regarding electric energy production. On the other hand, a sailing boat is always exposed to the sun, so there is nothing more advantageous than producing electric energy through the solar one.
  • No disposable dishes: it is widely suggested to bring unbreakable dishes and glasses rather than disposable ones. This way, you will reduce the storage together with the pollution.
  • Less is more: dishes need to be washed and you should take care of your personal hygiene but do not forget to use too much soap. Indeed, when black water will be dropped, everything will end up in the water, provoking excessive pollution rather than the one you could have prevented by using less soap.
  • Recycling: we all know that recycling is boring and requires too much effort when one’s on vacation. However, we strongly recommend putting it on your to-to-list and start doing it even when you are on your sailing boat.
  • Reduce the air-conditioning: this suggestion applies to those hot Summer days when the only way to survive seems to be the air-conditioning. Honestly, if you are on a sailing boat and you are not moored at the port, you are surrounded by water so you can easily use awnings and sunshades to protect yourself from the sunlight and the heat.
  • Motor maintenance: keep an eye on your sailing boat motor. The more it is “on-shape”, the more it is clean and the less it pollutes. Regular servicing and filter changes are a must to make sure your engine is getting all the air it needs and using clean fuel.
  • Antifouling paint: in the blog article that we published in September, we wrote about the importance of not leaving alone your sailing boat during Winter. The antifouling paint is one of those things you should write down on your checklist of the maintenances to do before Summer arrives again. A sailing boat without antifouling, in fact, is a boat “held back” by vegetation, which strains the engine more and therefore pollutes more.

To conclude, it is necessary that everyone does their little part in reducing pollution, global warming, and natural disaster. If you are not doing it yet, start practicing the above suggestions and #begreen!