2021 is almost over: Have you already thought about your good intentions?

Has it ever happened to you to end up in mid-April (if not even in mid-May) and realize that your sailing boat is far away from ready for Summer? Therefore, you start running to your trusted shipyard and start asking the sectors’ experts to help you in the least time possible.

Well, it would be a good habit not to start planning this kind of thing in Spring, considering that you had all the time in the world during Winter. We speak of six months (if we start counting at the beginning of October) to plan all the maintenance works at its best. In other words, we speak of six months to overcome your dock’s neighbor.

If you want to be more organized in 2022 compared to what you did in the previous years, reading this article you will find the answers about being a capable person with their sailing boat.

  1. Check all the equipment.

We are talking about checking all the equipment that you might have realized was not at its best during last Summer. By doing us, you will have prepared a complete list of what you need to change or modernize. For instance, you could notice that you need to change your rigging, or the sailing ropes or, even, the rudder system.

  1. What would you like to add?

Apart from the equipment you already have, you could have noticed that you need something that makes your navigation safer and easier. For example, you could want to install a main furling system or a furling jib if you do not already have one, or, even, electric winches.

  1. Play in advance

The easiest and least exhaustive option (when it comes to stress) is the one to contact your trusted shipyard and, ask them to do all the works needed during the storage. It would be a good idea to check in advance and to put into paper, all the equipment that you would like to change, especially to not make shipyard wasting time when they would need your spot for another sailing boat. This would also inevitably translate into money as well as time-consuming for you. And this is where professionals like Sail Service or many others throughout Italy come into play, thanks to whom you can order the equipment in advance and have it available once you decide to carry out maintenance work.

Whatever moves you make, we hope the new year always brings good winds and lots of satisfaction for you and your sailboat.

And, if you wanted to follow our advice, you could already start by looking at all the equipment and parts on our site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, fill out the contact form, and we’ll be happy to help!